Alisha Gould
styrofoam, plaster, canvas, thread, flocking
2.5' x 2.5' x 1.75' largest
“Sirens” mixes two mythologies as its source. The first myth is of the sea deities whose enchanting songs beckoned sailors to wreck their ships on the rocky coast. Originally these sirens were represented with various bird-like traits. The second is the origin myth of the barnacle goose. These birds were one believed to have hatched from barnacles and were therefore considered not fowl, but fish. In this piece, seven egg-like forms are clustered as a choir of sirens or a family of barnacles. Their weathered canvas covers are reminiscent of distressed buoys and are detailed with embroidered age spots. The chorus opens their rusty mouths wide, revealing fuzzy flocked tongues in a silent tempting cry.
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