Alisha Gould
Model for Interior #1Model for Interior #1Model for Interior #1Model for interior #1Model for Interior #1Model for Interior #1Model for Interior #1Model for Interior #1Model for Interior #1Model for Interior #1Model for Interior #1Model for Interior #1
Model for Interior #1 - 2009
This piece brings the exterior of one spatial system into the interior of another. A large shingled structure was built into the lobby of Maine College of Art where there is an expansive windowed facade leftover from the building's past as a department store. From within the school, the piece is a sloped cedar roofline wedged between ceiling to floor, with a windowed dormer that would normally exist a height impossible to encounter head on - or to look into from outside - and is conventionally seen from the inside looking out. In the same way, “Model's” window does not look within the structure, but rather is fashioned with a long corridor that directs the viewer to the street outside. From this position a passerby sees the installation as a shingled wall with three openings. The first is the window that accesses the lobby, frequently aligning the viewer unexpectedly with someone looking out from within the school. The next pair of windows further disrupts your expectations as rather than looking through into the lobby, or into the house itself, they loop back out each other using a system of tunnels and mirrors at 45 degree angles. Viewers cannot not see themselves in these mirrors but do see the background of the street they are standing on, thereby both reorienting and enhancing ones perception of the place they are located. If someone is peering in the next window, the viewer would see their image replacing their own.