Alisha Gould
Vacua and Ejecta, installation viewVacuaVacuaEjectaEjectaEjectaVacua and Ejecta, installation viewEjectaEjectaVacuaVacuaVacuaVacuaVacuaEjectaVacuaEjectaEjecta
Vacua and Ejecta -2010
Vacua is a sculptural work that emerges from research which situates my practice among a variety of disciplines puzzled by similar inquiries. This project embraces the problem of understanding the pervasive, apparently empty space that lies in-between all scales of matter - an absence that seems to be only definable through a rigorous questioning of what we mean by “presence.” Vacua is an elemental and reduced materialization of this liminal relationship between interior and exterior, arranged in an installation of several trumpet-shaped vessels whose expanded extremities burst open to reveal a dark void space within. The title, a plural of “vacuum,” refers to my research on void space in cosmology and physics. The conical shape was used both for it’s inherent ability to produce a dark cavity, and as a model of a possible shape for space itself. The interior vortex is a poetic re-presentation of theories of dark energy - a mysterious, repulsive force which counteracts the gravitational field and accelerates the expansion of space itself.