Alisha Gould
Parallax - installation viewParallax no. 1Parallax no. 1 - detailParallax no. 2 Parallax no. 2 - detailParallax no. 3Parallax no. 3 - detailParallax no. 4Parallax no. 4 - detailParallax no. 5Parallax no. 5 - detailParallax no. 6 Parallax no. 6 - detailParallax no. 7 - detailParallax no. 7 - detailParallax no. 7 - detailParallax - installation viewParallax - installation viewParallax - installation view
Parallax - 2011
Parallax is a series of seven works of paper that explores both material and sensory thresholds to evoke a void space that is neither empty nor inert. These works are composed of aggregate arrangements in gold leaf, overlaid with intricate networks of punctured and embossed nodes connected with thin graphite lines. The lines branch off in a maze of rhizomatic synapses and intervening tributaries. The gilded clusters and miniature craters evoke images that shift between the quantum, the biological, and the cosmic. The changing auratic effects of the gold
and the subtle shadows of the perforated surface create a perceptual shift between the shimmering particles and the ephemeral web. (Parallax is an effect that causes a perceived displacement in the position of an object due to differences in viewing positions. For example, stellar parallax causes near stars to appear to shift against a fixed background of distant stars if viewed from different locations. The phenomena is used to calculate the distance of celestial objects. The term “parallax” has been extended beyond a useful tool for astronomical calculations,
philisophically as the space between two perspectives, a gap in which no reconciliation between polarities is possible.)